Report Writing Training

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NPR Report Writer Training

NPR Beginner training begins with an understanding of the basic elements of the NPR Report Writer and how the underlying data is organized in the MEDITRAIN environment. The student is then introduced to writing basic NPR queries.

NPR Intermediate is a comprehensive training tool designed to instruct the student on the major aspects of querying a MEDITECH database. This includes selecting and sorting data, using graphic tools for presentation, basic Magic programming, etc. The training has been designed to allow the student to create most of the reports that will be requested of them.

NPR Advanced training allows the student to take full advantage of the power of the NPR Report Writer. It explores topics such as Macros, understanding object code, debugging tools and advanced Magic programming topics.

Introductory Report Designer Training

This introductory trainer explains the basic functions of the Report Designer.  This introductory training will allow a student to write basic reports in non-NPR modules.