Physician Training

Doctor wearing white lap coat and stethoscope typing on a laptop

Physicians are on the front line of healthcare with very busy schedules. They need training that works in that sort of situation. Training that can provide them with quick concise instruction which reflects their actual installation of MEDITECH. Training that assures they correctly understand how the system works before they start using it.  This is where MEDITRAIN’s E-Learning system, customized for the Physician Environment, comes in.


Physicians work irregular hours and can be removed from training in a moments notice. This makes scheduling problematic. MEDITRAIN’s E-Learning solution can be used with or without an internet connection allowing the physician to use the course anywhere at anytime.

Reference and Review

When a Physician does classroom training they may not recall concepts presented when using the live system. It is often a case of “use it or lose it”. With MEDITRAIN the physician can review training material immediately when needed.

Customized Training

MEDITRAIN’s E-Learning systems are customized to exactly match your actual MEDITECH system install. This gives Physicians the security of knowing that their training represents the actual system that they will be using.

Consistent Training

When training resources leave the organization, they take their knowledge with them. As each teacher departs, less and less of the original training knowledge remains. However, if instead you have a MEDITRAIN E-Learning system your Physicians continue to receive the same consistent content.

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