Orientation Training

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The impressions made on a new employee have a lasting impact on how they view the hospital and perform their duties. It is vital that new employees correctly understand the organization’s workflows from the start. However, there are some barriers that can get in the way of a successful Orientation. Time, information overload, inconsistency, delayed implementation and the like. MEDITRAIN’s E-Orientation provides online training systems to overcome these barriers and provide more effective and efficient training.

Saves Time

With the MEDITRAIN tool, new employees begin training immediately upon hire. Studies show that E-Learning courses take half as much time as classroom training, enabling employees to be productive faster. It also frees up instructor time for more individualized attention as required.


The training can be performed at anytime, anywhere. At home or on site, the new employee can also review aspects of the course after they begin their duties.

Competency / Testing / Tracking

MEDITRAIN‘s E-Orientation system has competency tests embedded. You can track who has completed the course and their level of competency.


With instructor led training, too often the level of training a new employee receives depends on the individual performing the training. MEDITRAIN’s E-Orientation ensures that all new employees get the same consistent training.

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